Techtarget can bugger off

In much the same way that a piss-poor PR firm by the name of Vocus has incurred the wrath of Herr Weber, a load of mails received today tipped me over the edge. Who are they from? Why, our old friends at Techtarget of course. They’ve been peddling a load of old shite to subscribers to for some time (their technical tips used to be good: they are now risible), and this reached a feverish climax when the SearchDomino doofi spattered Yellow Bleeders with Notes >> Exchange advertising recently.

Sadly however, the moronitude continues (ooh, I made up a word): like many others out there, I get reams of unsolicited email from various TechTarget sites (some of which used to be good, before the marketing half-wits dug their nails in—e.g. These mails seem to think they’re acceptable in my in-box, because they come with nice “unsubscribe” links. But that’s a load of poo; I didn’t subscribe to any of this stuff, nor have I ever expressed an interest in receiving unsolicited email from them. TechTarget are spammers, pure and simple. I now understand why Ms. Herbert didn’t seem to last long there: she displayed some professional integrity.

So, Gmail filters to the rescue: everything gets bounced back to TechTarget and deleted before I see it. You only have to check out the front page of to see what they’re really about nowadays: marketing, marketing, marketing.

At least we know where we stand.


  1. You know Ben, I've been meaning to talk to you about how you hide your feelings. You really need to let it out once in a while. :-)Rob Novak#
  2. Yeah, it’s this uptight Brit thing I’ve got going on. I really need to learn to express myself.Ben Poole#
  3. One second Ben..
    Christ… that is just a FANTASTIC word…. I plan on using that every day for the next week …
    Pay that word forward… lets see if we can make it into oxford dictionary Paul Mooney#
  4. LOL

    I do believe we all need to make it a point to use the word "moronitude" during every session we present at ILUG. Twice. *snicker*Rob McDonagh#

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