Software pricing madness

I decided to check out some software for possible purchase. Can anyone see what’s wrong with this picture?

Software pricing madness

Why on earth does it cost more to download a product, than to have it delivered to my door? Craziness.


  1. Whats wrong with this picture is that your buying software for crazy money. Anything Open Source or under fifty quid is acceptable anything else get the company to pay IMHO.

    Can your next post not be a rant please, your getting to be a grumpy old man. ;)

    Ban me again Ben I dare you.John Z Marshall#
  2. Thhhhpppppp! Grumpy old man? Me? Surely you jest ;-)

    Re open source & wot-not, I tried The GIMP once, but I didn’t like it. Anyone got any good graphics package suggestions?Ben Poole#
  3. … because you get it faster when you download it. ;-)JP Mens#
  4. Had the same thing the other day it is frustrating and crazy:

    VMWare Fusion Download from VMWare: $79
    VMWare Fusion Box & CD Shipped to my house from Amazon: $59-$20 Rebate = $39

    I downloaded the 30 day trial from VMWare and then when the box arrived from Amazon I put in my reg code!

    Robrob axelrod#
  5. @Rob - a great idea!Ben Poole#
  6. It's because all those billions of electrons use, collectively, a lot more fuel to travel to your house than one simple delivery truck, so it's probably a fuel surcharge.

    Just be glad you don't have to pay to put the electrons up in a hotel room overnight if their plane gets delayed.Turtle#
  7. … because the marketing guys who do the prizing sometimes blunder as we do in our projects sometimes. Axel#
  8. Adobe aren’t alone of course:
    Ben Poole#

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