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Middlesbrough cops, goons and clerks grab and detain photographer for shooting on a public street

Father fined for overfilling bin


  1. Have you seen the petition?

    We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to clarify the laws surrounding photography in public places.
  2. I can a see the flip side to this from a personal point of view.

    I have a phobia of my photograph being taken. I dont like it, it makes me very uncomfortable and I get very annoyed if someone takes my picture when I have explicilty stated they should not. Christmas parties and weddings are particularly stressful.

    Go ahead take as many pictures of places, buildings and other people who dont mind. Whats the harm. Just dont point that thing at me if I ask you not to, you may regret it.

    BTW: My home town stranglely enough is Middlesbrough.John Marshall#
  3. My mother in law was telling me about this rubbish! I find it amazing that people let this one stand.

    I presume I would be arrested for taking a picture of my kids playing footy, if I was back in the UK! NonsenseSimon Barratt#

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