Time for an update!

Gordon Bennett, I have turned into such a slack-arse these past few months eh? I sincerely apologise, but these things happen. So, for anyone interested, here is a wee update of recent notable events (for the impatient, I’ve stuck the obligatory DominoWiki update in there first!)

  1. DominoWiki 1.2 is ready. A few bits of packaging and documentation, and it’s all yours. There are a few things that need attention still, but I really can’t justify holding on to the thing any longer. If you’re really desperate, I have a builds site which you can go and download nightly / weekly / monthly / whatever updates from: Latest DominoWiki build
  2. Work. Well, I’ve been out on my own for well over six months now, and so busy it’s untrue. That’s a good thing I suppose! I recently renewed my current main contract, so I must be doing something right
  3. Other projects are slowly, but surely, delivering, which is nice. That final wrap-up is always a bitch eh?
  4. Java. Holy moly, but I’ve been writing a lot of it lately. And JUnit rocks my world. So to speak.
  5. ILUG2008 OMFG! I’ve got do a presentation! ARGH
  6. Puppy. We have a new pup as hinted at in recent Flickr content. His name is Barney, and he is even smaller / more ridiculous than the late dear Pickle!
  7. Kiddiwinks. Our youngest hit four last week. My eldest hits ten in a month or so. I feel so old! We went to Legoland Windsor again at the weekend to celebrate. That place is great.

Right, back to the IDE and Keynote

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