OK, so now what?

Woo hoo! The public beta is out as you no doubt know. Choices choices…

Choices, choices



  1. I wondered about that too - apparently there are 2 different servers that host the files. Should the 1st one be too slow you just cancel, go back and select the second one :o)ursus#
  2. Looks like a difficult choice. Call IBM services they can help you with this kind of decision :-)Carl Tyler#
  3. Ok repeat after me
    One Potatoe
    Two Pototoe
    Three Pototoe

    Alternately use the 13 year break time football team method, which is find the fat, spotty one that no-body likes - then choose the other one.

    Personally I would go for the Bottom one it has more gravitas

    Steve McDonagh#

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