ILUG: a summary

ILUG 2008

Not long home. Quite tired! Lessons learned / points of interest over the course of the last week:

  • You only think you’re busy. You’re not really
  • …unless your surname is Elsmore, Mooney, Fitzgerald, Buchan, Duff, Coates, Woodward, White, Rainey or Novak: these good people have been busy
  • Macs make everything easy, and do everything really well. Except when it comes to external displays at the nth hour
  • Good presenters make it look effortless. But by God, it really isn’t
  • Thank you to those who attended our debut presentation—Mark and I are grateful to all those who stayed awake
  • People can be pretty damn generous
  • People can also be pretty damn infuriating ;o)
  • Sponsors rock, and are cruelly under-valued
  • If you meet Julian Robichaux (and his lovely wife) ask them about golf buggies
  • Speed-sponsoring really works well
  • Steve McDonagh + Chris Coates + Bill Buchan == scales I can only aspire to
  • Considering he’s an administrator, I thought Paul did remarkably well ;o)
  • Libby’s back!

I really enjoyed this week, hope you did too, and it was great meeting everyone.


  1. Hey Ben, you didn't let on it was your debut presentation! I was surprised to find that out afterwards!

    Inspiration to the rest of us!Simon Scullion#
  2. Ben, you and Mark gave a great session. Kudos!
    Pedro Quaresma#
  3. Chaps, you’re very kind. Yes, for both of us it was our first time. Lots of lessons learned of course, but these things have to be done ;-) Ben Poole#
  4. Ben, believe me when I say you're a natural.
    Thanks for presenting.Vitor Pereira#

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