On lazy programming

Lest any more mails / tweets / IMs should arrive about this… ;o)

  • Yes, I am aware that there’s a post about DominoWiki on Codestore
  • Yes I am aware of the unescape clash in the Diff page
  • Yes it is easily fixed
  • No, it’s not the end of the world
  • Yes, I should have spotted it and fixed it
  • No, I didn't write the original code, it’s part of a third party Javascript diff engine
  • Yes, I still should have fixed it

Here’s the thing: DominoWiki is open-source, so if you spot something that’s broken, you are encouraged to fix it and then, hey, join the community and post back to OpenNTF. Lots of guys out there have done just that, and I am very grateful.


  1. Ben, I absolutely agree. The time people spend whining about a bug or a missing feature in an open-source app somebody else put a lot of spare time in would be much better spent fixing the bug or adding the feature themselves.
    And let me point out that I'm not referring to Jake's post here (he does contribute very much to the community), this is just something I have seen too much from too many people who do not contribute but prefer to rant instead.Jens Polster#
  2. Well, there’s a simple answer to the moaners: if you don’t like an open-source app, you can have a full refund :-) Ben Poole#
  3. If you'll indulge me; I think I can summarize your post using American English:

    "Quit yer bitching! If it bothers you that much, fix the damn thing yerself!"


    -Devin.Devin Olson#

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