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This is an interesting one. It would appear that are now gunning for Lotus Notes shops, and plan on offering migration tools. As with red bull, there’s no actual detail as to how they propose to move content out of Notes apps into their own system, but we shall see… chairman Marc Benioff, meanwhile, told The Register Notes is losing favor with CIOs after years of IBM pitching itself as a provider of e-services and not meeting expectations. According to Benioff, CIOs are turning to the combo of Google on email and collaboration with Gmail, Calendar and Google Docs, and for applications.

Read more: The Register - marches on IBM’s Notes business.


  1. They might have licensed red bull from M$.Vitor Pereira#
  2. One of our customers is moving from a Lotus Notes based CRM to salesforce. The migration plan is to export all general data (contacts etc.) to xml and to render all soft unstructured data (letters etc.) to PDF files through a server based task and import them to salesforce.Tobias Mueller#
  3. yeah, well if sales force are so good, why am i writing a bolt on to dominowiki as our current client hates the sales force documenter?mark#
  4. the tone of that comment was aimed at the article rather the previous comment (sorry)mark#
  5. @3,

    The Salesforce Documents Tab is primitive however, it comes with the platform and it's easy to tell your staff "go to the documents tab in to find what you are looking for". also has Salesforce Content which more like Quickr but, costs $$$/user/year and is not included in your base subscription.Bruce Elgort#
  6. @5

    ahhh, that explains it, we learn somthing new each daymark#

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