Dev. environment envy

Anyway, enough of that political crap. I studied politics for years, and after careful consideration have come to the conclusion that politicians are scum. The End. So now, now on to something more exciting and fruitful: I am suffering development environment envy…

LinkedIn Development Environment

The 100% Mac is the development environment used by all the engineers (i.e. desktops and laptops). A new engineer that comes in gets a new MacPro with dual quad-core CPUs and 12GB of ram and a MacBook Pro. The down side of the whole deal is that you have to choose between two 23” or one 30” Apple Cinema display. Life is tough and you just can’t have it all. ;-)

Read more: LinkedIn is 99% Java but 100% Mac.


  1. Does every developer also get their own stack of printer paper to correct the ergonomics of their monitors? :)Dave Armstrong#
  2. Hah, all that $$$ on tech and they use paper monitor stands! :) See, every office IS the same!Colin Williams#
  3. At least put a Mac sticker over the HP on the paper to complete the illusion. Or paint them silver so they look like they are built into the stand.Grant Norman#
  4. I would miss that nifty green Start Button on the bottom left.Axel#
  5. *gasp*

    /pouts and goes back to his 512Mb Thinkpad [smiley frown]
    Pedro Quaresma#
  6. I want one

    *Tech envy*Simon Ellis#
  7. Half a gig? Oh no no no! Hey, why not do what a load of us did at our last place: buy some more RAM on expenses. What the procurement dept. doesn’t know, can’t hurt them… ;-) Ben Poole#
  8. Whats the blue pom pom thingies above the MBP …. ~gasp~ you have an infestation of TROLLS .. that casts a different light on the matter, regardless of the tech available I aint working in an office with trolls.. they come out from under their bridges, steal our women, take our jobs.. Bah Humbug! I feel the need to vote conservative and be tied up by a nanny and beaten with a copy of the beano!Steve McDonagh#
  9. Steve, good spot. My goodness, I hadn’t noticed those insidious wee bastards there!Ben Poole#

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