Neil, what’s your favourite colour?

I’ve not really heard of The Colbert Report but this chap is really rather entertaining. And the band isn’t bad either ;o)

Rush on telly! And a great interview question when they discuss Rush’s propensity for long songs. Check it out.


  1. RUSH was on the Colbert Report!??!?!?!?!?!

    That is absolute perfection!!!Nathan T. Freeman#
  2. Colbert spun off from The Daily Show. He did an interview with Charlie Rose out of character, he is an an extremely clever guy. Daily Show and Colbert Report run back to back. It's a sad state of affairs for US News coverage, that this is one of the best hours of news you can actually get in the US.Carl Tyler#
  3. Wow, they do play a long time (all the way through the commercial)!

    First time on American TV in 33 years! Like, ten bucks is ten bucks,,235343,00.htmlLarry Cannell#
  4. My son & I are big fans of the Colbert Report. Carl, thanks for the tip about the Charlie rose interview - I've never seen him out of character before - very good!Dave Parillo#
  5. Meanwhile, backstage…

    Ben Poole#

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