Business website madness

For goodness sake. Someone tell IKEA that it’s the 21st century—they won’t listen to me:

Our website is as yet incompatible with MACs, laptops, Windows Vista and Mozilla Firefox. Some anti-virus software and firewalls can also block access to the secure parts of our site.

The above text is some genuine “advice” received when informing IKEA in the UK that their site check-out facility doesn’t work.

And why do so many people insist on typing the word “Mac” in upper-case? I’ve never understood that…


  1. Fantastic. I wonder what property of laptops rules them out regardless of OS or browser. You'd have thought XP with IE would be OK.

    The server isn't even IIS. It is IBM_HTTP_Server (aka Apache). Might even be Websphere.

    Could be running on 'doze, I suppose, but to scale you'd expect it to be on AIX or Linux, which makes the constraint of end users to a single browser on a single OS on a single class of hardware, with all security countermeasures disabled all the more baffling.Chris Linfoot#
  2. I’m pretty certain it’s a WAS-based site judging by the URLs it generates. The glitch arises as soon as the logged-in user attempts to “check out,” so IKEA are the losers. Tsk, some companies, they just don’t seem to want our money…Ben Poole#
  3. Whats the relation between WAS and application-generated-html that only work in the most popular environments?
    As such, WAS is far more unintrusive regarding the html generated than for example Domino. So its more a problem of the specific application than of the server software. Axel#
  4. Axel, I’m not drawing any correlation between the site’s failure and the underlying platform. Chris mentioned Websphere and I think it is indeed running on Websphere, that’s all. As you point out, the fact that the application is really bad has nothing to do with it.Ben Poole#
  5. Yes, that was my point. It is an incredibly badly written application and they can't even use the "but Microsoft is all we know" excuse as, clearly, the server side of the deal ain't MS.Chris Linfoot#
  6. It is IBM_HTTP since they are using a Websphere-centric architecture, which includes on the commerce side Websphere Commerce. And because they provide the page worldwide from one location not only UK should see those genuine "advices" ;-)Frank Mueller#
  7. I admit that I'm too lazy to check on tech specs, but I've used Ikea's website (including ordering from them) on a laptop running Firefox. Never had a problem.Esther Strom#

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