Bigger often means worse

Joel Spolsky has written an excellent (non-techie) article for, a business / entrepreneur-focussed web site. It’s well worth a read, and for me highlights why big companies like Starbucks get, um, crappy at doing certain things:

… But when one of your employees yells, “They’re not allowed to give it to you up here!” at a customer, that’s probably a sign that the systems you have put in place have become self-defeating.

Read more: How Hard Could It Be?: Good System, Bad System.


  1. Ben - good read. I like Joel's stuff, but had gotten out of the habit of reading his blog. This article reminds me of a lot of orgainization's attempts at process compliance - CMMI, SPICE or whatever. The intentions are good, but the execution often leaves much to be desired!Dave Parillo#

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