VMware Fusion getting better & better!

VMware Fusion is currently in the beta stage of its version 2 release cycle. The first beta was interesting for people into graphics and multiple displays, so I let that lie. However, with the new beta release announced today, it looks like Fusion is getting some great new features. Here’s one of the bits that caught my eye:

Set Windows applications to launch specific file types in your Mac’s shared folders or directly launch Mac applications from inside your virtual machine. You can even set Windows or Mac applications to handle all web, email, and other links by default.

Nice! What else? Well, they’ve fixed keyboard security issues with certain apps like and CheckPoint SecureClient, they’ve beefed up Unity (including supporting Linux), added High Definition video support in Windows, multiple snapshot support, virtual hard drives on the host machine, etc., etc. All great stuff.

VMware Fusion 2 Beta.

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