DominoPower responds: we are not amused

In case you don’t subscribe to the comment feed (how could you!), David Gewirtz, of DominoPower has responded re the Ron Herardian thing. Thanks David!

David Gewirtz: Needless to say, we are not amused.

Update from David Gerwitz: DominowPower: Notes, Domino, and the indomitable spirit of the Lotus community.


  1. This gives a step up in marks to DominoPower in my book. Sure beats the way Forbes kept supporting their chief lazy idiot no matter how poorly researched his work was. I won't use Mr. D. L. 's name because I don't like to give him the publicity.

    As for Ron - it pleases me that the community is catching on to his line of bravo sierra.
    Andrew Pollack#

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