I’m such a child

Pretty much every night this dialog pops up on Kinky (my “Blackbook”), and every time I see it I smile.

Mounting? Smirk.


  1. Okay, the mounting and unmounting part is pretty much self-explanatory but how does one make benpoole bootable?Vitor Pereira#
  2. Oh, hes always been bootable! :p

    @Ben, thats the sort of thing that would always make me smile too..the kind of fun that never gets old (too the dismay of my wife).Colin Williams#
    Whenever we drove past the signs to "Mount Mee" I'd always have a chuckle. Juvenile? Me? Noooooooo.Brendon Upson#
  4. it not just the kinky mouting of Ben that worries me its that people insist on keeping a spotlight on him during the whole process, such things really should be kept in the darkMark #
  5. I live by an all girls college called "Mount Mary"


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