A second huge win for Exchange

I don’t know enough about mobile communications in the USA to judge, but everywhere else this is certainly going to be a big one: Nokia have announced first-tier support for MS Exchange in all new S60 phones. That is one hell of a lot of devices, and comes hot on the heels of the whole iPhone thing. A big deal for Exchange.

Volker Weber: Microsoft scores Nokia for Exchange.


  1. Nokia is a no-show in the US due to its absence from mobile carriers. Which makes it come out of the blind spot.Volker Weber#
  2. Not sure I understand how is this news. Has I recall Mail for Exchange has been on the Eseries since the beginning of times if you buy an unbranded phone or otherwise if the mobile carriers want to.Vitor Pereira#
  3. You can get Mail for Exchange for the ESeries, yes.

    Today’s announcement is around MS Exchange support coming bundled with S60 devices, which could mean massive mindshare. The announcement is being greeted as a strike against organisations with RIM:

    … given the recent brouhaha over ActiveSync support in iPhones (and Snow Leopard), of course this is news!
    Ben Poole#
  4. It does not only come bundled, but also preloaded and integrated into the setup wizard. And it is not limited to a few Eseries devices but supported on ALL the S60 3rd Edition devices. Which are quite a few.Volker Weber#
  5. Remember the iPhone connect to Exchange / Outlook story? I hope that the same disaster will not happen to Nokia as I like their phone!!Vincent#
  6. This one is different because the Nokia devices run the Symbian OS. IBM already have plans to start supporting Nokia devices in Lotus Notes Traveler -- specifics TBD, but planned for early 2009. The interfaces are there on both sides, so it's quite a different story from the iPhone.Ed Brill#
  7. @6 good news for Lotus. For both Nokia and Lotus vs. RIM scale is the issue: I know Traveller isn’t geared up for larger deployments, but don’t have a feel for the Nokia software.

    @5 “disaster” is a little strong, but there are may areas for improvement for sure. Standard Microsoft MO though isn’t it: get the thing out there, get some mind-share, then start to actually make it function ;-) Ben Poole#
  8. Mail for Exchange has not worked well for me until about version 2.2. Current version is 2.5.5 (show 2.05(5) on the device). The server I am connecting to is massive, so I would conclude it's working.

    The situation is indeed different to the iPhone. You can make stuff happen on S60 without talking to Nokia. Will be interesting to see how Traveler pans out.

    Mindshare and first-tier support may be the interesting stuff about this release. It's actually not about Notes at all. It's about going head to head with RIM. Like Apple Nokia feels it only needs Exchange to do that.Volker Weber#
  9. @7: Just a clarification on ActiveSync support on the iPhone. It's all Apple code on the device. If you want to claim that anyone is "get(ting) some mind-share, then start to actually make it function" in this case, it's Apple. That said, Microsoft certainly benefits from iPhone support (and this Nokia announcement as well).Bob Congdon#

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