What’s your Elguji?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you can’t help but have noticed that we have a new(ish) software company in our midst, Elguji. Elguji is the brainchild of our very own Bruce Elgort, a tour de force in the IBM Lotus world. Bruce is the consummate professional, the consummate salesman (look what he’s done to put the community on the map: OpenNTF, Taking Notes and The 1352 Report, not to mention the guidance and encouragement many of us have suffered enjoyed over the years).

I am honoured to count Bruce as a friend—I’ve even sat in his lap—and so I urge you to put your thinking caps on, see if you can come up with the answer to a very simple question: What’s your Elguji?.

Hey, Bruce has prizes toogo to it!


  1. Nothing to see here? That's what it tells me at that link.Greg Walrath#
  2. I think Ben need to change the link to:

    No / on the end mate.Bruce#
  3. Ooh, thanks Greg. Those pesky Domino URL substitutions are far too fussy in my book ;-) Ben Poole#

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