Ah, memories

It’s freaking me out that this was almost twenty years ago*, but back around 1988 / 1989 I was really into my music. I practiced bass for hours every day, hankered after a Chapman Stick, loved (still do!) real musicians like Steve Vai, Frank Zappa, Weather Report (RIP Joe), Nik Kershaw, and so on and so forth. One of the bands I really enjoyed at the time was It Bites. They were superbly unfashionable, amazing musicians, proggy composers, and generally tip-top—their label really didn’t know what to do with them. Here they are in action touring their third album, Eat Me In St. Louis:

This is a track from their second release (Once Around The World) called Old Man And The Angel; great stuff! (Lots more videos from this gig up on YouTube: Kiss Like Judas is a good one).

A new line-up of the band is now active, and I recently bought their album, The Tall Ships. Hearteningly, it’s still got that sound, and is good stuff. Whilst the amazing Frank Dunnery is doing his own thing now, John Mitchell makes for a damn fine replacement front-man. Ah the choons! The memories!*

* (Yes, I’m gearing up for the maudlin old man birthday post soon, how did you guess?)


  1. Ben you will have to practise as you do not quite have the right level of grumpy disgruntledness required. I suggest moving to somewhere like Virginia Water and take up reading the Daily Mail, start calling the wife "Camilla" or "my darling spudgy doodle" in public and start voting for the conkerservatives.

    Steve McDonagh#
  2. Steve, I thought you knew me. If you don’t think I’m cantankerous / grumpy enough, I was clearly being too sparkly in your presence. I apologise. I am one miserable bugger, ask my wife :-D Ben Poole#
  3. Hey ho thats your English heritage and the fact you are are a bass player…(you could'nt really call John Entwhistle emotive now could you?) you really need to get in there once a day with some inventive invective!
    Steve McDonagh#
  4. Fair point McDonagh, you concomitant ferkler & winkler, you. I wouldn’t have called the late, great Entwhistle “emotive”, ’tis true. But by ’eck he slapped a mean plank, so huzzah for that!Ben Poole#
  5. OOOOOOO! "Concomitant" such a fragrant word, a Turkish delight of a word! I am impressed! Perhaps you should go more with the the bdelygmia approach which I feel would suit you better.Personally I am more suited to tapinosis with perhaps a little cyncial synzeugma :-) Feck they are all good scrabble words!Steve McDonagh#

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