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Craziness… ! it is almost exactly one year since the last UKLUG! How exciting. On a personal level, this time in 2007 I was about to venture out into the big bad world, away from corporate coziness, and the friendly faces at UKLUG were a massive comfort at a wibbly-wobbly (but nevertheless exciting) time. So, whether you’re networking, learning, socialising or goofing-off (or all of the above), it would be grand to see you in London tomorrow.

Warren and company have done a sterling job organising the splendid agenda, venue, everything for this year’s conference: hats off to them. Why, they even got to sort out breakfast for Friday morning (thanks to BE Systems), how good is that? Anyway, I shall be there—along with many other reprobates—and I look forward to seeing lots of faces, old and new. Here’s to UKLUG!


  1. I'm jealous Ben. I'd registered and then had to back out because of an audit at a client that couldn't be rearranged. Have a good time!Rob Wills#
  2. Ah, I did wonder where you were Rob! Sorry to hear that.

    Warren and co. have put on an excellent conference, The venue is top-notch, the food splendid, the sponsors in full effect, the sessions entertaining and instructive. Hats off to the team, as ever!Ben Poole#

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