Making a bad situation worse

When did Apple turn into just another stupid corporation? Apple Extends Non-Disclosure to App Store Rejection Letters; i.e. was your iPhone app rejected from the app store? Well you can’t talk about said rejection.

Stupid. Instead of listening to the lawyers Apple, why not listen to Wil Shipley?

Via John Gruber.


  1. I'm not sure what's surprising here… Apple is acting like it .always. has, as a self-interested capitalistic company out to get your money.

    The only difference between it and Microsoft is that Apple's products are cooler.

    That's why I laugh when people gloat about getting rid of Windows and replacing it with a Mac. You're just trading tyrants.Craig Wiseman#
  2. It’s not the capitalism I’m surprised at, it’s the insistence upon the PR disaster no matter what.Ben Poole#
  3. … oops, posted too soon. And in any case, if it were about the money, surely Apple would post all submitted apps, and let people choose. Users can’t spend money on apps that aren’t available, after all.Ben Poole#

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