Delicious irony from IBM

Ed has written about “Project Liberate”, a welcome initiative from IBM Consulting whereby they offer to assess a company’s Microsoft licensing situation, hopefully saving said company lots of money in the process:

Ed Brill: Project “Liberate” for CIOs - reducing licensing costs paper.

But hey, it’s Friday afternoon, and time for a cheap shot based on recent discussions around IBM’s “opaque” Domino licensing / costing: could we please get a similar initiative running in IBM for Lotus?


  1. You want a full circle of irony? Help for reducing Domino licensing would come from . . . MS. LOL!

    Gregg Eldred#
  2. Interesting post on IBM/MS/SMB from James Governor today: Sickles#
  3. Even better… they should create a "free" Notes DB to assist in tracking Microsoft licenses in an organization. Of course, there will be an "export to Excel" feature needed.Ed Maloney#
  4. *sits down to see if a wave of controversy hits M'ex Colleagues Blog*Simon Ellis#
  5. @4 don’t be silly, ’tis Friday afternoon! And besides, I put a winky in the post category and everything ;-)

    See? I did it again!Ben Poole#
  6. You see that now just reminds me of an old Morecambe and Wise sketch

    Morecambe: "Is he allowed to say winky"? *looks stage left*
    Morecambe: "I said WINKY" *still looking stage left*
    Morecambe turns to Wise: "He says yes but only because it's a Blog"Simon Ellis#
  7. The real delicious irony is that you are getting more hits via planetlotus for this blog entry than I am for the original that prompted it.

    As for licensing, at least I did solve Bill Buchan's riddle of the month today -- there is a way to buy quantity 1 of a Domino (Express) license on,D52VQLL,D55MVLL&catalogLocale=en_GB&Locale=en_US&country=GBR&PT=html&S_TACT=none&S_CMP=none
    Ed Brill#
  8. @Ed - It's all in how you build a blog post title. :-)Gregg Eldred#
  9. Thanks Ed! If it’s any consolation, I clicked through on your post and not mine on PlanetLotus ;-)

    (Doh, another winky)Ben Poole#
  10. Careful Ben … too much winking will make you go blind
    ;-) ;-) ;-) :-o Julian Woodward#
  11. @10 Good point. I am very short-sighted already.

    ;-) Oh no…Ben Poole#
  12. @10 and what's wrong with being blind? ;-)Bruce#

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