Look at the lengths Micro$oft will go to!

Tried to download Firefox in IE6 in my virtual machine just now:

IE doesn’t like Mozilla

No joy :o)


  1. Ben,

    All in fun, I know but maybe that should be: "Look at how sloppy Mozilla is getting. They don't even make sure that their website works in an old browser that they want to replace."Bob Congdon#
  2. Fair point, if I were at all inclined to defend IE6—but it’s given me too much grief over the years to do that :-)

    In all seriousness, I think everyone is moving on from IE6 apart from a few intranet developers; it is such an horrible browser.

    I took a cursory look, but couldn’t locate which JS file had the function in question on the site (init_download). There seems to be a lot of YUI library in action at In any case, a quick View Source gives the download URL to use, it’s just that it (presumably) by-passes Mozilla’s trackers.Ben Poole#

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