Doing jQuery?

If so, and yer on a Mac, you may find this widget useful (it works when disconnected too):

jQuery Reference Widget.


  1. :( It's deprecated :(

    "Hi Mike,

    Glad it's been helpful.

    I've long ago discontinued supporting it, making mention on my blog:

    It really needs to be rewritten from scratch. I made an effort to do so recently but found out that the jquery team no longer exports their docs in json, only xml.

    …it would just take me too much time.

    As for the source, you can simply right click and open the package. Alternatively you can find it under version control via the jquery trunk:

    Hope that's helpful!

    Ryan"Phill Price#
  2. Yeah I know, but I link to it because it’s still helpful! Online documentation doesn’t work on the train ;-) Ben Poole#

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