London Developer Co-op

If you read Mr. White’s weblog you will see that he has already announced that the London Developer Co-op has “gone live”. The LDC (as we cleverly refer to it) is not restricted to London though—nor do we aim to provide only development resource.

Apart from these two things, the name is entirely accurate. ;-)

We came up with the idea of the LDC some months back, and one of the main people behind it is m’colleague Mark. It’s a sound proposition, and heralds a new exciting era for us; if you’ve hesitated to employ one-man band outfits before, you really should re-consider…

For more information about the London Developer Co-op, and what it can do for you, contact Matt White in the first instance.


  1. That is a fantastic idea.Julian Robichaux#
  2. One more letter and you'd been in trouble Ben - at college we founded the CLDC - The Clever Lads Drinking Club

    because we all know it's not big and not clever to drink :-)Coatsie#

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