recycle() revisited

You know, this stuff just bears repeating. Again and again and again. If only for my own sanity…

At a client site recently, a few of us were scratching heads with a thorny Domino Java issue a colleague was experiencing. Two separate Java agents, in separate databases (but on the same server) were “clashing” if they both ran at the same time. The issue had never come up in the dev. environment, because of course we only ever had one concurrent agent in the server settings (versus three in production. Oops).

Our old friend Error cleaning up agent threads came back to haunt us, and we couldn’t figure out why for a while. But the long and short of it was our old friend recycle(), specifically, too much of a good thing.

Please remember that FSM kills a kitten every time Domino developers recycle either the AgentContext or Session objects. It’s just not worth it—and uncle Julian can tell you why better than me.

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