Interesting times. Life has been full-on for the past 15 months. I resigned a comfortable position from a prestigious firm, and ventured out into the great unknown. A good number of splendid individuals in the community have exhibited their faith in me, and opportunities have presented themselves—I am so grateful for that.

Now we come to somewhat more uncertain times, and any mis-steps are going to be amplified I think. Take this technology lark: I’m currently at the end of a fascinating three day XPages workshop. Notes & Domino 8.5 show so much promise. There are rough edges, but there’s some really good Lotus-y goodness here. I hope IBM don’t fsck this up, it could be seriously good.

On darker days I wonder whether the renewed focus on application developers is too little too late; but on brighter days I contemplate what might be now that we’re starting to get some decent tooling. Yet developers will out: even without class browsers, XPages and the like, we’ll produce stuff. So If IBM could just sort out the Domino server licensing model, and let us get apps out there, some of us could really be having a ball. Hmm.

Anyway, enough drunken rambling: best news of all this week? Why, Wendy and Lisa have a fantastic new album out. You should buy it now!


  1. Ben. re: the licensing model. I totally agree. It would open up a whole new world of ideas if the licensing could be geared towards web based social-networking systems to allow small organisations to experiment with stuff…They're still terrified of losing licensing fees against the current model if they change it.. so don't hold your breath.

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