Timesheets? Don’t get me started!

So once you stop laughing at this bit:

In short, I’m turning into one of those crazy bosses that approves things, and then gets upset when you do them. This keeps happening. I must be driving people crazy.

…Joel actually makes a very sobering point about the work-cultural phenomenon known as (urgh) “timesheets”. One of the most pointless inventions of man when placed in the hands of management.

Joel on Software: Amnesia.


  1. come on, have you you filled in your daily update for work, and have you done a pie chart, bar graph and gant chart.mark#
  2. Er, no, not yet. I’m waiting on a time code against which to charge the time taken making up filling in my timesheets.Ben Poole#
  3. tut, tut, remeber to report truefully how many hours you do as they need the complete truth to run the company properly (except with its not politically expediant, your on a day rate and are working extra hours, there is a vowel in the month, or some utter tit upstairs wants a bar chart that mimicks the muffled lies they have been telling their director {the lies are muffled, due to the close pressence of butt cheeks to the speakers tounge})mark#
  4. Funny i had to add those to the expense report form i was working on, a bar and pie chart for an individual expense report!mth#

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