Bill on Ben

Hear, hear!

I think sometimes IBM forgets it’s the largest hardware+software supplier out there, and has billions of dollars in the bank. And yet at this conference—15th or so year running, and thousands of delegates—there’s IBM relying on Ben—a single man company—to provide essential content.

I seriously think something needs to be done to recognise Ben’s (and the Turtle’s) contribution to the success of this event. Something that actually helps Ben’s business.

Bill is, of course, referring to the continuing excellent contribution by Ben Langhinrichs in creating and maintaining the Lotusphere sessions database (hat tip to Tim Davis for the iPhone tweaks too!)

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  1. why with a title such as "bill on ben" do i not even what to read the blog entry for fear of finding the word "lubricant"mark#
  2. So who (or what) is the 'weed'?!

    Stuart McIntyre#
  3. its as 50's version of the "Gimp"mark#
  4. Yes well…and if you read his latest articles regarding RTR, you'll wonder why IBM don't buy his fancy socks and bundle them with the blasted product.Colin Williams#
  5. Colin - NIH Syndrome. The developers still feel they can do better in-house (and ten+ years of trying hasn't convinced them otherwise). I guess my fancy socks will have to stay independent.Ben Langhinrichs#

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