A no-brainer for Lotusphere

Lumme, this looks like it could well be a massive Lotusphere highlight. I am so intrigued…

For the uninitiated, the Great Code Giveaway is a plain old Lotusphere session (BP215 this time, Monday afternoon) with a twist. About $100,000 in Domino development innovation, on a subject never done before, is presented in-depth then given away to the community. This year is no exception. And more people than ever will benefit from the session this time—we’ve built that in.

Why the secrecy? It’s fun. I like secrets. This year, like last year, I’ve even kept the Lotusphere track managers from knowing what’s really going on… vague is the order of the day on the slides!

I will tell you this: It’s Domino. Not Quickr. Not Sametime. Not purple. Domino. It’s not XPages stuff, there’ll be a lot of other coverage on that. It will, like in our past sessions, work with many versions. And I hope, at least a little, it will change the way people think of the Domino web server.

Rob gives an amazing presentation; it’s a no-brainer that if you’re a developer you need to attend this session.

Rob Novak: What to expect at the Great Code Giveaway.

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