Either the European Union, British police and our Home Office are all incredibly ignorant / stupid, or something really scary is going to start happening in our Big Brother state here in the UK:

Under the Brussels edict, police across the EU have been given the green light to expand the implementation of a rarely used power involving warrantless intrusive surveillance of private property. The strategy will allow French, German and other EU forces to ask British officers to hack into someone’s UK computer and pass over any material gleaned.

The Times: Police set to step up hacking of home PCs (via Chris Linfoot).


  1. Ben, this is all o very scary. Freedom in the world is going away. People in EMEA are not half as FREE as they used to be and in the US it's getting bad to. "Give me freedom or give me death." was once said, and I agree with it. As a people we all need to rise up against these restrictions and revolt. Governments do not deserve this kind of power.

    Who are they protecting? Themselves is all. David Vasta#
  2. quid custodiet ipsos custodes (the romans already wondered).

    I'm already glad to see articles like these in which security software states their position "Security vendors: We would block police hacking".,1000000189,39589104,00.htm

    In belgium this week, the dubious nature of police intrusion extended powers vs privacy regulations already caused the release of 10 convicted criminals due to 'procedural errors'. More to come?Manu#
  3. According to me it's looks more and more a kinda George Orwell alike police state.

    Never trust cops. Thats rule 1.Patrick Kwinten#
  4. The only mitigation here is that I don’t believe for a moment that any police force in the UK could actually do this. Technically, it’s beyond them, hence my post subject-line.

    But that’s by-the-by: it’s the intent that bothers me.Ben Poole#
  5. Hey, maybe I’m just being paranoid. We can trust the government with our data, surely! The latest incident:

    Ben Poole#
  6. @4 Ben you're not taking into account the growing civilianisation of the police service. Coppers don't have to have the skills when they can buy them.Jason Hook#

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