Two more notable hires for MS

Crikey, who they going to go for next? Are any of us safe in our beds?

Well, it is that time of year eh. Congratulations to both Peter and George on their new roles.


  1. Bear in mind that cc:Mail and Notes consultant and marketing person Ian White joined MS before Xmas.

    When the likes of Mooney slithers off to Redmond - thats when to panic. This is just normal market churn. And lack of marketing investment by Lotus of course.

    ---* BillBill#
  2. Bill, indeed. I am merely taking note, not casting aspersions :-) Ben Poole#
  3. @Bill what the heck do either of these moves have to do with "lack of marketing investment by Lotus"? If you tell me that it is related to dotNSF's ability to succeed, we're going to have a very long conversation at business development day Sunday.Ed Brill#
  4. Bill, I dont get it . How could a move by Mooney be more important than these two guys ?

    Nils Halvorsen#
  5. @3 - sounds promising, can anyone join in?Julian Woodward#
  6. Should I feel flattered ? Oh well, what can we do, it's somehow expected…That does not make it right, but dear former colleagues, if you are going to talk about me, it would be at least polite to invite/ask me, in any case, the reasons for me moving to MS are various: You can check my facebook or linked lin pages for clues… And, since I no longer have an active role in dotNSF (which continues to exist), I'm not going to comment on the comment about it…
    Usual best regards, George
    Food for thought: "The grass is not greener on the other side PER SE, the grass is greener where it's taken care of"…George Chiesa#
  7. Just in case, my new blog address is George Chiesa#
  8. Speaking as a former Lotus Partner (of some years) as with George the reasons for joining MS are many and varied, however for the record some are:

    1. The lack of marketing investment in the past has meant that anything IBM does now (and it is) will have to be of monumentous impact to redevelop siginificant amounts of lost accounts

    2. The insipid push to all things based around Websphere, yes there is investment in Domino but in the big picture it continues to be relegated (oh and congratulations on the new release) in fabour of WS

    3. The drive (by all parties) to dis-intermediate in the mid-market will mean that the demand for the sort of skills small infrastucture players have will continue to decline

    4. The UK market as a whole is poor, the IBM piece doubly so

    5. I need a new challenge, after winding up over the years Manzi, Papows, Zollar, Goyal and Rhodin, the thought of going through it all again with Picciano (especially after listening to his webcast interview) just seemed all too boring

    In close I wish you all a great Lotusphere, have one for me and remember the IBM commitments in April after the firsr round of budget cuts have bitten

    Ian White#
  9. Having read the comments, and read George’s take on this:!15B27DAC5831E61A!290.entry

    … there seems to be some confusion and / or distress around my making this post.

    For the record, I don’t know either George or Peter (beyond their excellent reputations), and I was simply pointing out that some esteemed players in the collaborative software industry have moved to MS. A smart hiring move I would say.

    Nothing more was intended by my posting this. If you have inferred some kind of breach of netiquette or sarcasm on my part, then I’m sorry—it certainly was not intended (and I’m still a little perplexed).Ben Poole#
  10. Ben, I thank you for posting this, I was distressed by - and only by - Ed's @3 George Chiesa#

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