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So DominoWiki 1.2 was going to go live this week, but someone else stole my thunder… :-)

XPages wiki on OpenNTF.


  1. "WAS going to go live" ? Vitor Pereira#
  2. You know you could make yourself really really popular if you build a tool to migrate data from DominoWIKI to the XPages WIKI 8-)Ian Scott#
  3. XPages Wiki - Rated 5 stars been out five minutes, initial releaase
    Domino Wiki - Rated 4.5 stars been around for years, stable release

    Why I hate polls.

    About time you had competition. :) Will be interesting.
    John Marshall#
  4. @1 yes, was

    @2 Hmm… I don’t think the XPages wiki can deal with much in the way of wiki mark-up thoughBen Poole#
  5. I would have preferred IBM to sponsor DominoWiki instead of releasing their own. DominoWiki has the advantage of feeling like a real Wiki while the XPages Wiki feels more like a CMS /Teamroom to me. Both are great Domino applications.Henning Heinz#
  6. Well like m’learned ex-colleague says, nothing wrong with a bit of competition. I guess IBM had a touch of NIH syndrome ;-) Ben Poole#
  7. Sorry Ben - just catching up with blogs etc. Right now its just an XPage sample more for showing how XPages apps are implemented. So not much in the way of features implemented at this point (in fact I can count them on a postage stamp) - it will only be an XPage app so doesn't really have the same space as Dominowiki right now.

    In any case dominowiki is important to openNTF so there is no intention to steal any thunder - will catch up with you soon, as blog comments are no way to communicate, to see if I can help promote Dominowiki use as part of the overall openntf "increasing awareness" effort.Steve Castledine#

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