Coding with my amazing nuts

Doc Brown, AKA yours truly in dire need of a haircut, coding by night. With my nuts.

Working hard

I know, I know, your screen is melting due to this imposing vision of magnificence isn’t it?


  1. You should ask for a discont on the haircut.Mark U.#
  2. Better than coding your nuts off! No?Dave Parillo#
  3. Ullom, you’re not paying attention: I am in need of the haircut, i.e. it hasn’t happened yet, you plum.

    Dave: fair point, well made :-) Ben Poole#
  4. I am so paying attention. I was simply suggesting that based on the volume to be cut, (i.e. quantity) you might have room to negotiate. But you're right, I should have been concentrating on your imposing vision of magnificence.Mark U.#
  5. I understand now Mark, thank you. I think you’re a cheeky git :-) Ben Poole#
  6. i happen to notice that your nuts have gone purple, are you sure thats healthy?mark#

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