DominoWiki 1.2 is out

Go get. Documentation and other goodies to follow.


  1. Hurrah!
    You have no idea how long I have been waiting on this…. Although…. I think I told you a couple of times ;)Vince Schuurman#
  2. Really? I didn’t think anyone was waiting for this? ;-) Ben Poole#
  3. I read in the release notes, that it has an Notes UI now, but was stuck in the admin views when I opened it in notes. Is it possible to start the DB with an startpage, so you can use it in notes as you would use it in the web?Jan Schulz#
  4. @No. DominoWiki is a web application. The release notes don’t say that the wiki is a Notes client app, they refer to the fact that the Notes client design has been updated.Ben Poole#
  5. fails for me.
    works. Could you please update the link? I'm also asking vince to update the server so the www is not necessary.


    LarsLars Berntrop-Bos#
  6. @5 It’s a temporary thing I think, stopped working yesterday.Ben Poole#
  7. Yeah sorry, one of the servers is down.
    Will try to fix that today.Vince Schuurman#
  8. Hi Ben Poole

    I notice you have a lot of information regarding Lotus Domino in you forum. We have just released a spam filter for lotus notes :

    The product is quite unique since it uses a community approach to spam filtering and there are really not that many server based spam filters for Lotus Domino. Most are Gateway spam filters which are really not integrated into Notes.

    Would you be interested in posting a blog entry on your spam filter? We are very interested in feedback from Lotus Domino users, so it would be nice if you would ask your visitors for their opinions.

    Kind regards

    Christian Bjørklund

    No spam comments thank you very much (and oh, the irony!)

    Christian Bjorklund Is a Spammer#

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