“Terrorism” is a loaded word…

… I wish people would realise that a little more. But anyway, the point is made (kind of), and it’s actually pretty refreshing to have a post as candid as this from someone senior in IBM / Lotus:

Brent Peters: My own POV, without giving credence to the blog terrorism, emotion, lack of ‘informed judgement’, or even from absence of malice.

Good! I think. Without wishing to be too much of a misery-guts (i.e. this is a cue for me being a self-important misery-guts), there are a few things that make me wince:

  • Please shy away from using loaded terms like “terrorism” when you really don’t mean it
  • It’s cool to read that managers care about people. But we probably don’t need the pseudo-classical guff—get to the point already! ;o)
  • Whilst firing people must be tough for any well-meaning manager, it’s always going to be worse for those being fired

Oh, and remember, if Brent’s post left you scratching your head, Ed clarifies:

it probably would have been easier if he had just said “screw off, (insert blog site here)” but the point is made


Here’s to the “resource-actioned” leaving IBM this week: I sincerely hope matters work out for you, and if we in the “bubble” (urgh) can help, shout!


  1. Re: RA'ed people, hear hear!
    Re: Ed. Lighten up.Bob Balaban#
  2. So I guess it is comments like this that get you bounced off Ed's Blogroll, huh? Happened to Volker and Wild Bill last year.

    "Play nice and speak nice or else we will remove you".Don Williams#
  3. @2 ’twould appear so. But I’m not going to worry about that :-) Ben Poole#

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