Cracked heads

Ooof, radio silence. Good reason though: my youngest fractured his skull on Saturday afternoon, and I’ve been in hospital with him since. He’s doing just fine, and after regular observations, CT scans and the like (all OK), he was discharged yesterday. Unfortunately we returned to hospital last night as he was being very sick. “Luckily” this looks like a tummy bug, rather than anything head-related, so hopefully we will be home with him again tonight.

Kids eh? He must have known his dad was overdue a reality check!


  1. Ben, I seriously don't know how parents cope..I get all frantic about my sisters little baby girl when shes ill or would drive me nuts to have my own.

    Pleased hes on the mend!Colin Williams#
  2. Holy crap, Ben! Sorry to hear about Junior's little mishap and relieved he's avoided any permanent damage. My little guy managed to slice open his big toe when he was 1 1/2 and got to know the ER folks real well as they stitched him up. To this day we use that experience to talk him out of all sorts of mischief, so at least you have that much to look forward to :-).

    CheersKevin Pettitt#
  3. Feck, mate - how many bones has that guy broken in his life! Hope he's back on his feet soon. Reckon he'll be a stuntman when he grows up…Chris Molloy#
  4. @3 this is his first—you’re thinking of bean #1 who has broken both arms twice… ;-) Ben Poole#
  5. I thought it had gone a bit quiet in the interverse and the grumpy quotient had been reduced by a third. Bill and Me being the other 2/3rds ;-)

    Good news on the wee fella a relief to the whole Poole clan i am sure! Hope he is feeling better and milking his sore bonce for all that it is worth! I know I would, there is at least a new console game worth of sympathy to be had there!

    Steve McDonagh#
  6. Thanks Steve. Yes, I apologise for reducing the “tetchy sod” levels of the interweb this week. Never fear, I am back now!

    As for squirt, he is already enjoying a new Pepa Pig house playset :-) Ben Poole#

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