Someone’s having a bit of a laugh at the Daily Telegraph this week. I’ve taken a screenshot, as I don’t imagine the link will be live for long (look at the URL):


Link (live as at 9.30am today!)

Hat tip to Phill Price on twitter!


  1. Bloody excellent!

    ---* BillBill#
  2. :) seems to be catching on -- a similar thing happened here yesterday. Next time I'll take a screen shot.Colin Williams#
  3. Lol… ok, not really nice of them but I did find the error page funny.

    Error 410
    Sorry, the page you have requested has gone or was never available
    Please do not try to request this page againJerry Carter#
  4. This wasn't actually someone at the Telegraph doing anything, the site simply uses the id in the URL to get the right article and the ".html" text is purely for SEO and can be anything. A lot of content based sites are like this.

    You could easily test this (while the link was up) by just changing the ".html" part to whatever you feel like. They seem to have fixed this now by force redirecting to their actual "SEO title" for other articles.

    Anyhoo.. :)Marcin#
  5. Fearsome 410 error!

    Oh Marcin, you spoil all our fun ;-) Ben Poole#

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