Niftiness @ IBM

I’m very quick in taking IBM to task over its websites, but I think it’s only fair to also give credit where credit is due. Bruce tweeted an IBM link last night, and I took a look. This is nice! Click the image for a full-size screenshot:

Niftiness @ IBM

Kudos to IBM. And Ed, I hope the web / email / twitter traffic isn’t too bad ;-)


  1. I agree. I also saw the page after Bruce's message and my thought on looking at it was "Great, this looks like a helpful page for people who want to know about the Alloy product" and then I saw the download and demo links about the core product as was impressed.

    I didn't chase the links, so I don't know how deep the improvement goes, but clearly effort is being made.
    Andrew Pollack#
  2. Sorry Ben but I have to correct you. Surely the past tense of "tweet" is "twat" :-PBrendon Upson#
  3. LOL Ben Poole#
  4. "Bruce 'twatted' an IBM link last night, and I took a look. " has a certain ring about it I agree!Andy Dempster#

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