Breathtaking arrogance

Some people.

If you’re buying MacHeist, you’re a cheap fucking bastard, and it makes me queasy that so many in the Mac community would buy into such a thing.

Some developers and middle-men come along and do a cheap bundle deal on a load of good Mac apps, and it’s the consumer who’s at fault?


It’s moronic posts like this that give Mac fans a bad rap. I don’t see anyone with a gun to their head.

Via John Gruber.


  1. Yeah, I don't get the whole controversy.

    I also bought the bundle because a few of the packages interested me. For example, I wouldn't pay US$39 for LittleSnapper since there are "good enough" free alternatives out there, nor would I pay US$30 for Sous Chef but was after somehting to organise my recipes. I was also interested in getting World of Goo at some point..

    So I get a good deal on a few useful bits of software, and some developers get a few $ from me where previously they would have got $0 from me. I can't see the loser in this equation?

    Apparently the first bundle there were some issues with clarity around payments for the developers, but these got resolved and future contracts have been very clear about what you'll get as a dev.

    Anyway, I'm preaching to the choir :)Marcin Szczepanski#
  2. I am new to Macs, so I am still studying how to be arrogant. :)

    I may be wrong but this is how I see the system.

    1. Developers submit their app for charity (with no upgrade license in it, you pay for that).

    2. They define how much money they want back. Appears to be based on amount raised.

    3. 25% goes to charity.

    Unless they are stealing the apps from the developers I don't see the issue here. Everyone gets what they agreed to.

    For example Boinx TV will get approx $83K in cash before anyone is allowed play with the app. If they don't get that, the app isn't unlocked.

    I had a look at the apps in the list and only world of goo interests me (that and charity). The others have a number of free similar apps already out there.

    So I will probably buy 3 bundles. Thanks for the advertising. :)
    Simon O'Doherty#
  3. And the hole deepens… Poole#
  4. I must admit there are aspects to how the Mac community interacts with itself and others that never cease to amaze me. I guess I am the ultimate 'cheap bastard' - as a Gnu/Linux guy, I don't pay for much. Do Mac users keep some kind of internal score with each other - the person who pays the most for their hardware / OS / apps wins?? There is little doubt that if I wasn't so cheap, I'd own a Mac.

    Why is anyone in the Mac community upset that developers might only earn $1 profit on each copy of software sold. If Macs had the same Market share that IMHO a less capable Windows Vista possessed, the volume sold would be making those same developers very happy indeed.

    Considering the Mac fan base, you'd think there would be a community of Mac developers creating great apps for free just to try to expand the user base. Maybe such a thing exists and I'm unaware.
  5. Dave there are stacks of high quality free Mac apps out there, I use a load of them.

    I draw attention to this posting to point out that the attitude displayed is not the default for “Mac fans” as far as I’m concerned. As a long-time Apple person (18 years and counting) I object to it mightily, hence the subject line.Ben Poole#
  6. Bought a MacBook on a whim last month, thought it might change my outlook on PC's in general. Maybe experience the Mac cool factor peeps talk about, but atm I just dont get it. I somehow feel I'm missing something.
    I'll give some of these apps a go hopefully they will convince me it was a good purchase. At the moment I use my Mac to browse internet when I cant be bothered to get out of bed. Seems like a waste.
    John Marshall#

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