Cretinous Metropolitan Police posters, remixed

A little late with this one, but what the hell. The Metropolitan Police here in Blighty (i.e. the force responsible for Greater London) recently introduced yet another mindless poster campaign encouraging snooping, the diminution of civil and personal freedoms, and general Orwellian nonsense. Quite rightly, they have been lampooned for this poster campaign, and a number of people have produced “remixes” of said nonsense:

boingboing: Remixes of the paranoid London police “anti-terror” / suspect your neighbours posters

Regular visitors to this site will have noticed the WWII-era “Keep calm” graphic to the right. It’s there for a reason—given the hysterical scare-mongering and erosion of liberties taking place in our Big Brother state, perhaps you will understand why. The terrorists are winning.


  1. Oh look, here’s some footage of the Met. protecting and serving a member of the public just last week (the man in question died shortly afterwards):

    As I believe those gentlemen in N.W.A. once said, “Fuck da police”.Ben Poole#

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