Google? Twitter? Eh?

Yet another post on Planetlotus (and elsewhere) banging on about Google buying twitter. For goodness sake, read up! The “story” came from Michael Arrington of TechCrunch infamy (and they have already changed their headline). Some friendly advice from someone who’s been caught out by this sort of thing before: take such tales with a large pinch of salt. I respectfully suggest desisting from spreading such random conjecture as fact.

(Of more interest—and true to boot—is the fact that twitter are using Amazon’s S3 service to host tweet-stream graphics. Is the Cloud helping The Whale?)

Read more: Kara Swisher - Sorry to Get You All A-Twitter, but Google Is Not in “Late-Stage Talks” to Acquire the Hot Microblogging Service.


  1. As the blogger who posted the latest Planetlotus blog about Google and Twitter…all blogs should be taken with a LARGE pinch of salt; not just with regards to Google. Take for example any posts on the net regarding Microsoft and Yahoo or IBM and SUN…all are posted for what they are worth. So if it prompts someone to look further into the news so be it!Marie Scott#
  2. I’m not arguing with you, merely pointing out that just because a “story” is in CNet, that doesn’t mean it’s even remotely accurate. The problem with CNet, Fortune et al is that they don’t validate their sources: in this case, a dubious piece on the equally dubious TechCrunch site.Ben Poole#

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