What is “Lotus Knows” up against?

So by now you will have heard all about the Lotus Knows campaign (maybe too much ;-) ). Good stuff. But what are the other big players doing? Well, Microsoft are doing the old skool big fibber thing as usual. And then we have Google:

“Going Google” with Google Apps.

A pretty decent campaign, aiming at the same constituencies as those targeted by Lotus Knows (and also looking for people to spread the word). It will be interesting to see how these two play out.


  1. Well I am not sure if it will be good to compare both. I expect Google to spend a far bigger budget than IBM Lotus and as a player in the advertising industry they might be able to do some special deals anyway. So if you run it against Google it will probably look poor but if you compare it to Lotus marketing in recent years it might be a clear winner.Henning Heinz#
  2. I'll echo Henning's comments here. I am still vary of what comes out Google's campaign though.

    They are attacking Microsoft first. But their Aggressiveness hasn't been ignored.
    Bilal Jaffery#
  3. Well I am not sure if it will be good to compare both. I expect Google to spend a far bigger budget than IBM Lotus

    I suspect you are right there Henning, but it does beg the question why—IBM is hardly a bit-part player here :-)

    Anyway, let’s see how this all pans out. The campaign is promising in its approach, and aimed at the end-user, which for software has to be a winner.Ben Poole#
  4. They're also up against their own missteps. It's going to be interesting to see if this has some contrition in it. There are a lot of people with a deservedly negative opinion of Lotus Notes. Lotus needs to face that head on in a targeted manner.Charles Robinson#
  5. Charles, the interesting part will be how Lotus deals with their own propaganda. There seems to be a growing belief that anybody who does not agree is only unable to see the greatness that is Lotus.Volker Weber#
  6. Personally I would of compared Google apps to QuickR then Domino based on what it does. Or to MobileMe for that matter.

    I thought their advert in the middle of a searchdomino newsletter was a bit much though. :) Simon O'Doherty#

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