I haven’t posted here for a month!

Egads, I am a disgrace. Well, there’s some stuff coming, but up until today, work and holidays got in the way.

In the meantime, if you are missing the wit and wisdom of the blond eedjit, there’s always the twitter.

Parting thought for the day: whilst on hols for a fortnight, I kept up with twitter and email—no great shakes. However, I completely ignored the news reader (there are 1,164 unread entries in there—and counting!), yet I did not miss it at all. Interesting.


  1. "I kept up with twitter and email" - don't forget Skype chats!
    "I did not miss it at all" - exactly what I think when I periodically check Twitter and then realise I'm wasting my precious time on this planet and stop ;-)
    Anyhow … welcome back intrepid explorer …Julian Woodward#
  2. “don't forget Skype chats!” Hmm, if you call “keeping up” interjecting with the odd (poolparty) emoticon then OK, that I’ll grant you :-) Ben Poole#

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