How did that happen?


  1. Happy Birthday Ben!Frank Docherty#
  2. I'm sure you look just as young as yesterday.
    Congrats.Theo Heselmans#
  3. Congratulations to a Happy New Year. ;-)JP Mens#
  4. Have a good one, Ben. And make the best of the three years you have left before getting to 40!!! Just kidding: I am there already and it's not so bad. It's actually the year I got to see KISS live for the first time in my life, and I've been a fan since sixth grade.

    I'll have a pint in your honor tonight! After all, all Rush fans are friends of mine ;) Benoit Dubuc#
  5. Happy birthday Ben! (ps I hate your birthday announcements - just because it reminds me within 2 months I am the same).Steve Castledine#
  6. Happy birthday. I passed the same vintage in August and my father sent me the following:

    "Inside every old person is a young person wondering what the f#$k happened"

    …that may answer your questionBrendon Upson#
  7. Happy birthday Ben!Vitor Pereira#
  8. Happy Birthday Sir! Trust me, I know how it feels - last I checked I was the young kid and getting carded at Lotusphere. Now, I have some grey hair. yuck.John Head#
  9. Many many happy returns of dayShishir Srivastava#
  10. Many thanks everyone, sorry Steve, and Brendon, I like that quote :-) Ben Poole#

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