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Coo, where to start? The Facebook post says it all! Like Mr. White, some time back I saw the StackOverflow DevDays advertised, and was intrgued—I booked up straight away. Seemed like a nifty day of various takes on what it is to be a geek. Right up my street :-)

Well, I wasn’t disappointed! Joel Spolsky and Jeff Atwood had a fine idea, and they executed it very well, with the able assistance of the fine folks at Carsonified. All of the talks were top-notch. I particularly enjoyed Remy Sharp’s introduction to jQuery—the slides and demos were excellent, almost up there with the ones I prepared for my session on “subversive injection” at UKLUG this year (chortle). Other notables were Jeff Atwood and Joel Spolsky (of course), Jon Skeet for being Jon Skeet, Pekka Kosonen for showing us Qt and generally being hilarious, and Phil Nash’s quickstart for iPhone development with Objective-C.

Android, iPhone, Python, jQuery, compilers, interpreters, writing scripting languages, Qt, Yahoo! Developer Tools… it was all there. What a day.

And my brain is full.


  1. Sorry to have missed it in the end: I was looking forward to it, and it sounds as though it exceeded expectations.Julian Woodward#

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