This one’s for you Brucie-baby

Utterly jaw-dropping mad skillz from one of the UK’s finest musicians (probably most famous for playing with Porcupine Tree)…

Gavin Harrison is a force of nature, and along with Vinnie, Neil, Stewart and Simon, one of my most favourite drummers EVAH! Enjoy.


  1. Absolutely jazztasticfunkadelicious!
    Not only is the drumming awesome, but that bass line is way too cool.
    Devin Olson#
  2. Drum p0rn man. Total drum p0rn……

    Thanks for sharing mate.Bruce Elgort#
  3. The bass player is Laurence Cottle, a staple of the British session scene; another amazing musician:

    http://www.laurencecottle.comBen Poole#
  4. Always good to see the Mac on stage too :-)Brendon Upson#

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