Merry Christmas

Goodness me, I have neglected this site so much this year. No excuses, I’m just a slacker with lots of things happening / diverting my attention! I shall do some sort of looking forward / looking back post afore the year is out. 2009 has been a strange one, full of ups and downs. Health, family, friends, solvency: all remain intact, and that’s the main thing eh!

I wish all five of my remaining readers a very merry Christmas / festive break of their choice, and thanks for hanging in there. Change is afoot at and I hope a couple of you will be around for the ride in 2010!

Sláinte! Salud! Prost! Skål! Maisha marefu! Jamas!


  1. Merry Christmas sir. :-) John Vaughan#
  2. Feliz Navidad seƱor.Martin#
  3. Happy Festivus one and all!Mike#
  4. Merry Christmas Ben. Wishing the Poole family a fantastc 2010!Colin Williams#
  5. merry xmas you complete slackermark myers#

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