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Great news from m’chums and colleagues over at Elguji Software:

Since its release in November 2009, the sales of our IQJam product are exceeding our pre-launch forecasts. Customers have been quick to deploy IBM Lotus Domino 8.5.1 servers and, with those deployments we are seeing our existing customer base, as well as many new customers purchasing and deploying IQJam. Absolutely exceeding our expectations.

I’ve started to visit IQJam quite a lot, and it’s an eminently usable, beautiful web application. I’d love to see it become the “go-to place” for Domino-related queries. I think it’s fair to say that conventional forums for this sort of thing have really had their day. “Karma-based” systems just work so well.

Anyway, all that said, those who do visit the site will see a lot of Xpages-related content. Don’t be put off! As much as IBM would like you to think otherwise, a lot of organisations aren’t at version 8.5x yet, so XPages often tend toward nice-to-have R&D for these places. But that doesn’t mean you can’t offer your answers and ask your questions: go for it.

Of course, another fine differentiator for IQJam is its API, in both traditional web service and flexible JSON flavours. This means IQJam cries out for lots of lovely integration, and you can expect to see some very cool stuff in this regard in the not too distant future (cough—Lotusphere—cough).

(I should state, in the interests of full disclosure, that I will be helping on stand 622 at Lotusphere next week :-))


  1. whore! ;-D

    Looking forward to meeting you in person next week, Ben! Chris Blatnick#
  2. @Chris - nah… he just likes working with great software and great people.Bruce Elgort#
  3. @2 Absolutely!

    (I am a little bit of a slut too though… :-) )Ben Poole#

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