Lotusphere day zero

So here we are, it’s that time of year again! LS10 is my second “proper” Lotusphere—I last attended in 2006, and I must say, it’s fab to be back. I was last in Orlando in May / June of last year, and I do like this part of the world. Weird not to be driving though!

The Wookiee

Anyway, I flew in with the Wookiee yesterday, and all in all it was a pretty good trip (despite a very early start). Gatwick security was surprisingly bearable considering we’d steeled ourselves for the worst, and in a flash of extravagance, we opted for a cheap(ish) upgrade to Premier on Virgin flying over. That was a damn good decision. Whilst I am average of stature, the furry loon is lofty, and the upgraded seats (in groups of two with plenty of room for star-jumps in the aisle) were a blessing.

So the flight proceeded without incident, and we were pulling up to the Dolphin just after 5pm. After honing the double act with our lovely hotel receptionist (got a great room overlooking the pool and volleyball area), we registered, abluted, and hied our sorry arses to the boardwalk. The Wookiee wussed out somewhat early, but he has been a tad ill, so fair enough (probably distemper). I made it til around half past midnight, thus completing a nice round twenty-five hours awake. Woof! It’s great to be out of the grey cold wet misery of the UK at the moment.

We managed to see and chat with a number of people last night, but there are very many more I want to catch up. Come and talk! Bruce, Mark, Julian, Matt and myself will all be on the Elguji Software stand (#622) in between sessions and so forth, and would love to see you.

(I suspect we may be out for the odd beer most nights too (cough), especially Monday!)


  1. you do realize this means war!Mark Myers#
  2. Ben what price did you get offered for the upgrade to premium? On Friday it was 219.Jason Hook#
  3. Yeah, ’twas about the same Jason. Which compared favourably with the upgrade price when I booked the flight (some £500!!!)Ben Poole#
  4. I think you're being a bit cruel Ben. He got rid of the distemper a few months ago. Have a good week.Rob Wills#

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