Lotusphere days 1 & 2

Sunday started off quiet (if, unsurprisingly, somewhat early) with some email checking, work, and then a tootle to find some breakfast. The Wookiee and I trotted round the boardwalk, and generally got our bearings. We’re on call for a client this week, so had various things to do with that, and then drifted off to find other people, check out the stand, have lunch, etc. No idea whether numbers are down on last year or not, but there’s a nice gentle buzz about the place.

After lunch, like a lot of others, we toddled off to go and see Matt and Tim do their show-and-tell session on XPages. It was pretty busy (apparently overflowed) and the content was, as expected, very good. I’ve done a few XPages sessions now, and I think the core principles are now starting to really sink in. Splendid.

Sunday continued with chats and happy meetings (I even got photographed as a “tall person”), and then later the Elguji booth team got together. The usual Sunday evening pool party kicked off in the early evening, and degenerated into a booze-laden chat-fest in Kimono’s. Hope I didn’t talk Mr. Castledine’s ear off.

Monday started pretty early again. We got in line for the OGS, and then chuckled as die-hard Lotus geeks ran for the good seats. Crikey.

Plenty of others have blogged their thoughts on the OGS. I won’t add (much) to the noise except to say that yes it was a little “light” but then on the other hand IBM can’t be making grand new techology announcements every year. I appreciated the Star Trek theme with Shatner! and the whole Project Vulcan thing. Suitably cool and geeky name :-).

IBM gave us the Lotus strategy low-down, and that was good to hear. The customer stories were a nice touch, if a little stilted, and the panel which was hosted by incoming GM Mr. Rennie was good fun. Messrs Picciano and Rennie both came over really well; Bob’s been good for Lotus, and Alistair looks set to continue his good work. In more fits of optimism, I also have high hopes for Project Vulcan. The current proofs of concept look good. All I can say is that I hope they don’t let the Big Clients brow-beat them into destroying beautiful slick interfaces, adding oodles of “features” at the expense of usability. But hey, it’s all just smoke and mirrors for now, we must wait and see.

Anyway, back to the stand: we were pretty busy after the OGS, and then had peaks and troughs in visitor numbers for the rest of Monday. It’s great to work the stand, talking with the people who come by. The LDC t-shirts are also proving very popular! A few of us slipped in and out of the product showcase to check out sessions. I did just the one, Ed and Kevin’s keynote, which was pretty useful.

Gab reported back to me on the Mutant Mountain Goat. He attended Tim’s mobile development session, and amused the hosts by raising his arm to ask questions, like a wee school boy (he does that in the office too). The seven-foot tall ginger loon then made a trademark subtle exit after he’d heard all about Blackberry coding, as he is allergic to anything Apple-related.

Monday night saw reams of parties after the product showcase reception, including our very own UK night at Shula’s.

So that was a busy Monday, great fun. Looking forward to what Tuesday, day 3, will bring…

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